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CHATTERBOX SOUND & LIGHTING is a Queensland- based company, owned and run by David Lee-Jay and Sheila Lorraine. They have been based in the U.K. for many years where they had many regular customers, including named 60's artistes such as The Hollies, The Bachelors, and Eric Delaney etc . They have also had the pleasure of supplying equipment to Blackpool Tower, The NEC, The BBC, and The Hindu Association of Great Britain, as well as many corporate and civic clients.

CHATTERBOX SOUND & LIGHTING handle sales, hire, installations, manufacture and import of sound, lighting, recording and all associated stage equipment.

Their PA Hire inventory can cater from small rigs to larger concerts with 15,000 people and includes Martin Audio,Acoustic Tehnologies, Turbosound,JBL , EV and MACKIE sound equipment, with digital and analogue desks - (up to 48 channels) from Yamaha, Amek Tac, Soundcraft, Soundtracs, Allen & Heath, Mackie, and amplification from Crest, Crown Amcron, Yamaha, QSC. etc.. A full range of quality outboard equipment, from Sabine, Lexicon, Yamaha, Rebis, Alesis, Gelf, Dbx, and Roland etc. Microphones and radio microphones from AKG, Shure, Beyer, Sennheiser, Superlux etc, plus the usual range of stands, multi-cores, talk-back and play back equipment. In ear monitoring (IEM)systems are also available. A small amount of studio and recording equipment is also available including Tascam, Yamaha, Tannoy, JBL and Quad, and some midi equipment, including Roland, Kawaii, and Korg.

Their  Lighting Hire inventory  includes Intelligent lighting, moving lights with rotating gobos, image scan for moving a projected image (ideal for advertising and corporate clients) generic lighting - par cans, fresnels, profiles, followspots etc. strobes and special effects, fog machines and a bubble machine. Lighting equipment includes Jands,  Pulsar, Strand, CCT, Anytronics, TAS, and LSC.

Staging Hire - (Sico dual height foldup staging - over 70sq metres), Trussing, backdrops and video equipment are available, and they can add to their hire inventory should a particular event require more equipment. Mobile Staging Hire is also available.

Backline Hire is also available and includes new and vintage equipment. DW, Ludwig, Pearl, Tama, Gretsch drum kits, Roland electronic drum kits - (including V Drums). Hammond Organ, Korg, Yamaha and Roland Keyboards.  Guitar and Bass rigs including, Fender, Vox, Lab Systems, Roland, Trace Elliott and G&K amplification etc.  Various guitars, basses available including fender, Gibson, yamaha etc  If we dont have your requiements in house then we can sub-hire in.
MOBILE STAGES are also available. A 5 ton truck with tail-lift, and fully Professional crew, is also available, so tours throughout Australia can be undertaken.
Sound, lighting, staging, recording and musical equipment is also available for sale and installation. New and secondhand equipment can be supplied, from most of the world's leading manufacturers.

CHATTERBOX SOUND & LIGHTING also manufacture sound, lighting and staging equipment, specializing in one-off and custom built equipment in metal and wood. From rack panels, stage props, speaker enclosures etc. to multi-cores, cables and "Little widget boxes". Most of these items can be built to specific size, colour, budget or specification.

DAVID and SHEILA are both well-respected professional entertainers and musicians, and are therefore sympathetic to the needs of the artistes on stage. They have both engineered - sound and lighting - for many different artistes, all over the world. David and Sheila have engineered for many different types of music - from country to soul, folk, pop, opera, rock and roll, as well as the spoken word, and their vast experience ensures that their customers and artistes are happy. They both have experience of corporate functions, festivals, and outdoor events, as well as concerts, clubs and cabaret shows. They have worked in stage management, are very reliable, and have a sense of humour. Although they have been in Australia only a short time, they already have many satisfied and regular customers, and have already made their mark in the sound, lighting and television industry.



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